“If you’re looking to take your business to the next level…I could tell you that Jean-Guy and his company will do an incredible job for you…”

-Gerry Robert, The Millionaire Mindset

“You wanna make sure to get what he is offering today because he is going to change your business…”

-Gerry Robert, Bestselling Author

“You gotta hear him as a speaker, he is top-notch…”

-Susan Brady

“He breaks down complex things and makes it as a simple, easy thing to understand…”

-Dan Zaleski

MESSY Manager has exposed the secrets of the most powerful leadership principles in the world. This book is a step-by-step guide to changing your company or your department for good and forever. This book makes success so simple and predictable that it may be the most dangerous book every written if it ends up in the hands of the competition.

Gerry Robert

Bestselling Author of The Millionaire Mindset

Mike and Jean-Guy understand leadership like few do, and are able to break it down so anyone can understand and use its power to change their business forever. I highly recommend this book to anyone with the desire to grow their business, their department, or their people.

Steven Howard

Author, Corporate Image Management

MESSY Manager demystifies why some companies and departments are growing rapidly while others are destined for a life of struggle. If you want to learn about the root cause of success in business and in life, read this book!

Jeff McLeod

Executive Vice-President , Premyth Systems Inc.

Jean-Guy’s commitment to action and genuine appetite to help people makes him a business powerhouse. Because of Jean-Guy I continually take away effective business solutions that are industry relevant. As a self-motivated individual, I leverage Jean-Guy’s ability to transition ideas into action!

Thomas O’Brien

Scotiabank, Ottawa, Canada

I followed the exact step-by-step process in MESSY Manager to raise my departments monthly revenue by 15%, my average ticket by 9.2% and my occupancy by 17%. Don’t wait another minute, get this book now!

Kerri Holley

Author of Answers You’re Aching To Know & Spa Consultant

Jean-Guy’s business insights are valuable and fresh. He isn’t limited to what has been done in the past. He is only focused on helping you reach your full potential going forward.

Kyle Edginton

Real Estate Investor Winnipeg, Canada

I have ONLY one word to describe Jean-Guy, UNSTOPPABLE!! He’s ability to craft an idea into a concept and from there execute generating amazing results.

Dan Leduc

Manager, BRINKS Canada

I’ve worked with Jean-Guy Francoeur on several projects. In all of our interactions he has been nothing but a pleasure to work with. I am able to contact him with any question – big or small – and he has answers or gets back to me promptly. He’s a creative, out-of-the-box thinker. He is passionate about his work. He is a team player. His organizational skills are beyond reproach…he’s always on top of his projects. I would recommend Jean-Guy to anyone and know he would be an asset to your team and contribute to its success.

Cherrie St Germain

CEO, My Tru Mind, San Diego CA

Jean-Guy is one of Canada’s leading young entrepreneurs and visionaries. He has managed to build several businesses and transform the industries that he has participated in. Now in his new business he is looking to have just as large an impact in the world of marketing. Jean-Guy can change your life.

Geoff Doyle

CEO, Go Gecko Property Sales, Australia

Jean-Guy always treats his clients and colleagues with the utmost respect while showing being extremely passionate about his businesses and seeing others succeed. He has been a tremendous source of knowledge and advice for me as I endeavor to have more business transactions with him!

Sam McNaull

Internal Auditor, Export Development Canada

This is the most amazing conference I have ever attended. The speakers are knowledgeable and dynamic. Jean-Guy did a terrific job.

Steve Troutman


Jean-Guy spent a solid hour of his time focusing on my business asking the right questions and really drilling down into my business. His business knowledge and philosophies were very eye-opening and his ability to simplify complicated marketing concepts was awesome. Jean-Guy ’s attitude and caring nature made it a pleasure to work with him. He freely gave valuable information that will already assist my business to grow without any pressure. I will certainly be working with Jean-Guy in the future and will recommend him to anyone I know.

John Edwards

CEO, HR Origin, Australia

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