Jean-Guy Francoeur

Author, MESSY Manager

About MESSY Manager

Jean-Guy Francoeur and Mike Francoeur are two of the most high performing individuals I have known and have worked with. They spend countless hours improving themselves and developing their minds to go to the next level. You’ve heard the saying before that the hardest work in the world is thinking work. These guys are experts at going to the next level and they can take you with them.

However, you have to be willing to work. When Mike Francoeur hires someone to work for him, he asks them for their soul. He asks them and quite clearly indicates that to “make it” you have to give it all you got. You have to fully engage in difficult tasks like thinking and the decision-making is not easy. If you’re not willing to do that, then this book is probably not for you. You should pick an “easy read.”

gerry robert

Foreword by Bestselling Author Gerry Robert

Here’s a personal story:

Jean-Guy’s wife Kerri is a friend of mine and was a department leader of a failing spa. This spa was very nice and had a lot of potential, but in its eight years in existence it really had not made any profit. Kerri was hired in a contract position that was to last only 12 months. The reason was that she was replacing another manager who was on maternity leave. Kerri had run a successful company for half a decade and had built it up from nothing. She took this company from an idea to five offices, three divisions and dozens of employees.

Kerri is a great leader and with all this knowledge she decided she could make a difference and in the short 12 months she could turn her department around. Her department had never met their budget up until this point and the morale of the team was fleeting fast (sounds familiar?). Kerri used the principles in this book to turn the department around. The morale went through the roof, people were covering for each other, people were helping each other, the communication barriers came tumbling down, everyone was engaged and happy and asking to work longer hours so they can make a difference and then they started meeting budget requirements. Next thing you know Kerri’s department is 15 percent ahead of budget half way through the month and she’s planning to increase sales by 10 percent next year.

The owner of the company is wondering “what the heck happened?” What is she doing that’s so special?

Here comes the unfortunate part. On the eighth month of her 12 month contract there is a change in leadership. Kerri’s previous superior was also a leader and she understood that Kerri was more knowledgeable than she was and she had the willingness and maturity to clear the way for Kerri by stepping aside and letting Kerri “do her thing”. This new superior was more of a micro-manager and wanted to control everything. Simply by trying to control everything and pushing people rather than leading them, this new manager started undoing all the progress Kerri had made. In a matter of 8 weeks, this manager with her ineptitudes destroyed all the progress Kerri had made. The morale was back in the tank, employees started quitting and nobody wanted to go above-and-beyond and the engagement started dying off. It’s only a matter of time until the budget goes red again (losses instead of profits).

And this is how the book’s title came about. This manager had just made a MESS!

This book MESSY Manager delivers amazing insight into the differences between a manager and a leader. Visualize this, you have two pieces of spaghetti. One is being PUSHED by a manager and the other is being LEAD by a leader. Try this as an experiment. Take two pieces of spaghetti (cooked) and lay them horizontally on your kitchen table. For the first, take your two thumbs and try to PUSH the spaghetti across the table. It will be MESSY and oh it will get there alright but it will be messy.

Now take the second piece of cooked spaghetti, take your index finger and your thumb, grab the tip of the spaghetti and pull it across the table. You’ll get that piece of spaghetti across the table with ease and predictability.

That’s what this book can do for you! Instead of making a MESS (like Kerri’s superior) and pushing the spaghetti like a manager, this book will show you how you can pull the spaghetti by being a leader.

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